“Can homeopathy help a difficult child?” I put a special focus on helping children in my homeopathic practice. This is a common question I hear during first consults with parents and children. It is true that homeopathy can really help childhood disorders, syndromes, and behavioural difficulties. But in this complex world, a ‘cure’ for these conditions is seldom a result of a singular homeopathic remedy. Recovery from a complex case can take several remedies, it takes a great deal of peeling back the layers, it takes time, and heart.

I explain how children come to be “difficult.” I also explain how particular forms of homeopathy can help recover the child they were meant to be.

By Elzette Harper – Return to Health Homeopathy.

Let’s begin by first looking at, what is a difficult child?

Everyone has their own version of “difficult” when it comes to parenting.

We often use the term to explain a child with a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). A child commonly referred to as having an unrelenting opposition to authority. They can also have frequent violent anger outbursts. Yes, those children can be difficult to parent.

Or perhaps we’re talking about a child who can’t sit still. On top of that, they can’t listen to instructions, or find it difficult to follow general rules and regulations. We could be talking about a child with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Or perhaps Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

It can also be difficult to parent a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger’s Syndrome. Difficulties with communication, behaviour and socialisation can all result in some tough parenting challenges.

Even more common, are children stuck in difficult behaviours. Who create a general disruption of day to day life inside a family. This can include persistent tantrums, or “whining.” Or could include consistent unreasonable behaviour or violence over lengthy periods of time.

These children may not be functioning from within any diagnosed spectrum or disorder.

In all these cases, what the child is actually doing is sending a message. They are presenting us with mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual symptoms of dis-ease. They are waving the red flag at us as parents, for help and action.

homeopathy for the difficult child

And help them many amazing parents try their best to do. Many of my clients have spent lots of time (and money) on helping their children. They try medication or therapies. They try supplement treatment or chelation. They can even put special or restricted diets in place. Parents can go above and beyond, hoping beyond hope for that one method which will work. Many people find things help for a little while, or to a certain extent, until the issues resurface. Why?

Many treatments focus at the symptom level with the goal of control and management of symptoms. They may not seek to find and address the causes.

The result can be short term changes and gains for the child, but seldom long-term healing for the family.

Symptoms such as stimming, non-communication or violence can be difficult to live with. That’s why we often view them as a problem – instead of the message.

How can homeopathy support the “difficult” child?

Homeopathy, especially complex prescribing techniques, looks for the root cause of symptoms. Addressing the source is where the real healing occurs. The observable symptoms are the valuable messages sent, to assist us in identifying those causes.

Complex prescribing works at many levels at the same time. It seeks to identify blocks to healthy internal communication. It works on blocks on all levels of the person’s system – physical, mental and emotional. It removes and repairs as treatment progresses. This allows for the child underneath it all to shine through.

Find out how homeopathy can help your beautiful ‘difficult’ child return to health. We invite you to book a free 20 minute enquiry session with Return to Health.

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