Holistic Health Services and Treatments

Return to Health provides holistic health services and treatments for a range of needs. Our homeopathic, massage and reiki treatments are centred on finding and addressing the cause as well as treating symptoms of dis-ease or un-ease. Life is an unfolding wisdom, and dis-ease is a path which reminds us that which we can learn. Our treatments speak to the ‘whole person’ providing support for complex illness right through to everyday health and wellbeing. Our approach is designed to promote:

  • real, lasting health
  • vitality
  • transformation

Holistic health and healing from within.

Our Treatments

Homeopathic Consultations

Return to Health homeopathy treats and supports acute, complex or chronic conditions as well as physical, mental or emotional ailments. We provide a professional Homeopathic treatment service which encourages natural healing, brought about from within the client. This makes it an incredibly empowering way to support your overall health.
Our gifted Homeopathic Practitioners at Return to Health use prescribing methods devised specifically to treat and support complex conditions. Our treatments are sought out both in Australia and internationally. Can homeopathy help you?

Reiki Treatments

Rei-Ki or ‘hands-on healing’ is a gentle, harmonious and complementary technique with a multitude of benefits. Reiki follows the principle of harnessing the universal life force energy which flows through all living things in order to create healing and revitalisation from within the individual. Activate your own natural healing process through this beautiful technique. Our advanced Reiki Practitioner is able to work with you both in the clinic or remotely to encourage the manifestation of inner balance, enlightenment or gentle healing.

Therapeutic Massage

Return to Health offers therapeutic massage and energy alignment treatments for relaxation, harmonisation and revitalisation. Sessions are designed to open up pathways to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Our experienced Massage Practitioner can see you by appointment at our Tallebudgera Valley clinic. See why our treatments are so special.