Holistic Practitioners

Return to Health is proud of its team of holistic practitioners who are dedicated to practicing, teaching, and growing in natural health. We have assembled a group of like-minded individuals who are very focused on Return to Health’s core principles of whole person healing. We are trained to work and enhance your life in the modern world, and our treatments promote lasting health and wellbeing.

Elzette Harper

Founder Return to Health, Homeopathic Practitioner and Teacher.

Elzette Harper is a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner who practices on the Southern Gold Coast at her practice Return to Health. Elzette is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). Elzette specialises in working with complex conditions, and she offers amazing insight, strength and expertise for clients embarking on a healing journey. Her aim is to bring about lasting recovery and change. El finds great expression and joy as a Homeopath working with this energetic medicine. She is able to see people everyday experience significant healing and growth. El’s great ability to think laterally and to ‘connect the dots’ as well as her warm and caring nature, has made her an incredibly sought after homeopath both within Australia and globally.

Elzette’s product ranges Return to Health Medicinal and ElNatural Lifestyle are the result of seeking to help patients with everyday health and wellness. Her focus is to create products which help the modern person and families prevent some of the more complex conditions she often sees in clinical practice.

“In clinic I found myself thinking many times – if only my clients had been offered a natural way of empowering their own health and vitality, their symptoms may not have turned into chronic or complex conditions in the first place. It was that place of thinking that inspired both our educational and product arms of Return to Health.”

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