Are you using your homeopathic first aid kit to its fullest potential? Maybe you’re unsure just how much of each remedy to give, and how often? In this homeopathic dosage guide for home users, we look at giving the remedies typically present in a homeopathic first aid kit, or remedy combi. Learn the principles of energy working within homeopathy and how it relates to dosage and potency. Gain a greater understanding that will lead to more effective prescribing for acute everyday situations.

Understanding potency

A typical first aid kit usually contains low potency remedies (excluding kits and combis from Return to Health). So, what does low potency mean?

Homeopathic potency refers to the number of times the remedy has been diluted and succused (shaken). So higher potency remedies have been diluted to a higher degree than lower potency remedies. High potency remedies represent higher energy from a homeopathic standpoint, and are more potent.

Most first aid kits have single remedies in fairly low potencies – 6C, 12C or 30C. Whilst lower potencies are often very helpful in family health care. We often see people come unstuck with using their remedies, not understanding dosage needs in different first aid situations.

Unlike conventional medicines, administering homeopathy in first aid situations is not usually a matter of taking a pill and waiting 4 hours before taking another. Watch my latest video, or keep reading below to get a homeopathic dosage guide for acute first aid situations, and learn how homeopathic prescribing requires us to follow the energy of the symptoms that present to us.

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A homeopathic dosage guide for low potency remedies.

When caring for our families day to day with accidents and illnesses and cuts and scrapes and fevers and vomiting and all of those things, what we ideally want to do is match the intensity of the symptom to the remedies. So if we’ve got low potency remedies, we might need to take more regular doses in order to match the intensity of their symptoms. And this is often where I find that clients go wrong with their remedies, not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just that they’re going to not get the same action as they would if they were taking more doses of the remedy.

Match intensity in acute situations

So for example, if we are supporting a fever and it’s a very mild fever, and we’ve got something like Belladonna 6C, or in the case of my homoeopathic combis, the Pain &Fever combination of remedies, we want to really dose according to the intensity of the fever symptoms.

So if it’s a low grade fever, we might give just one single dose every hour or even every two or three hours. And our indicator here that the dosage is correct is that the person, (children especially, are very easy to read with this), is comfortable. We are not suppressing the fever, we are simply supporting it. So they’re still warm, but they’re not uncomfortable’they don’t feel great because they’re sick. Of course, they might be sleepy, they’re not going to be hungry with a fever. But the main thing is that they’re not crying and writhing around. They’re not uncomfortable as such with the fever.

As the fever steps up (usually as the sun sets) we want to probably increase our dosage to match that, to meet that intensity of the symptom. So we might step it up to dosing once every half an hour or once every 15 minutes. And as that fever builds to its natural crescendo, we are going to be dosing perhaps every five minutes, every two minutes if it’s a really, really intense fever, a very intense heat.

Dosing according to energy is key

The main thing to remember with first aid situations and homeopathy is to match the intensity of the symptom. We’re trying to support a natural process to run its course. So as the body is exhibiting more energy, we want to match that energy. We cannot overdose on homeopathy. This of course, is not true for herbals and naturopathic. Always follow the dosage instructions with those very carefully because there is such a thing as too much. But with a homeopathic remedy, we’re working purely with energy so we can’t cause any harm.

In first aid, we can often take too few doses, and as a result, we don’t get the best benefit out of it. And that’s a real shame because then people think, oh, it’s homeopathy, but it’s not. Homeopathy is just awesome. And if you’re taking the right potencies in the right dosages, you’ll see some real magic happen. I hope that’s useful to you and enjoy using your homeopathic remedies at home.

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