Have you heard of homeopathy but not sure what homeopaths can treat? Or have you wondered, “when is the right time to see a homeopath?”  In this article, you can get to know a little bit more about how this health and healing system works. Here are the 7 signs which indicate you need to see a homeopath.

1. You keep getting the same complaint

It is typical to downplay the frequency of a complaint, especially if it is minor. But any physical, mental or emotional ailment which keeps appearing in your life is significant.

A homeopath is just as interested in the frequency of your complaint as they are in its severity. Symptoms on any level appear when the body is sending a message about its health.

A homeopath will listen to the natural message systems in your body. He or she looks to find the root cause of ill-health on whatever level it has manifested.

This can benefit you if you experience chronic pain, chronic infections or any ailments on the physical level. But it can even work in the mental and emotional realm, relieving chronic depression, anxiety and more in many people.

2. You experience physical and emotional symptoms.

Many people sense within themselves that their ailments are connected to each other. That their body has its own form of communication and rhythm. Just as a homeopath won’t ignore the frequency of your symptoms, they can also find this connection between any physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms you may experience.

All your symptoms matter, because to a homeopath you are a whole person, mind body and spirit. You are not just your ‘chest infection’ or your ‘asthma’. Again, a homeopath is looking to treat the ‘root cause’ of all symptoms and layers.

take control natural health

3. You are ready to take control of your health.

Homeopathy does not look to suppress symptoms, but looks to learn from them to encourage healing on that deeper level.

Homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine which works within, stimulating your body to heal itself. Your homeopath combines their ability to listen and interpret your message, with their knowledge of thousands of homeopathic remedies.

The skill is in choosing the correct combination of remedies at the right time, to motivate your body to do the work it is asking to do to heal.

In this way, homeopathy empowers the client. Because you are not suppressing symptoms till next time. You are moving forward with your health and your life.

4. You have been struggling to cope with major life events, or even everyday life!

Modern society says to look outside of ourselves for the answers to healing. We take pills when we are sick, we are stitched up; propped up. We suppress our illness and our pain, and we rush back to work and to life to ‘perform’ as we should.

We apply a big plaster over our symptoms and ask them to go away. But underneath, the issue still festers. Enter chronic conditions like frequent infections; asthma; eczema, depression; auto-immune disorders; migraines; addiction; anxiety; food intolerance; bowel issues; hormonal problems; even cancer.

Far from being the golden age of health, we are in dire need of help now more than ever!

Homeopathy can help the body move through everyday life. It keeps us in touch and in time with ourselves and our own healing systems.

5. You are running out of answers from conventional medicine.

Anyone who has ever experienced a chronic condition will vouch for how difficult the path to wellness is. The more complex or life-threatening the condition, the longer the list of ‘specialists’ you need for your ‘case’.

Homeopathy can be a simple, holistic link in these times. Often the homeopath is one of the few practitioners who are treating the whole person, rather than just the condition.

Homeopathy can work alongside conventional medicine, or can replace it. Many people turn to homeopathy because conventional medicine just has not worked. Or it may have only temporarily relived the symptoms. Or despite a barrage of medications the condition is still there.

Drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, pain-suppressants, antibiotics, anti-fungals, antacids, anti-inflammatories and so on and so on have one thing in common. They work against the symptom. Their aim is to suppress and nullify your body’s message. Unfortunately the underlying cause can then move to a level more difficult to treat.

What is great about homeopathy is that it is natural, uncomplicated and effective.

6. You prefer a medicine without side effects, which you can’t overdose on.

Many conventional treatments carry a long list of side effects and may contain toxic substances. Many people are seeking natural treatments which do the work without potential long term harm.

Homeopathy is safe to use on babies, and the elderly, even though homeopathic remedies are frequently made from poisons, or from other dangerous substances. This is because the toxicity of the substance is diluted to a point where only the energy of that substance remains. The remedy is then used to treat symptoms which match the substance’s action in its undiluted form. ‘Like cures like’.

The body takes what it needs from the homeopathic remedy, resonating with the energy to heal itself. A person cannot overdose on homeopathy. The incorrect remedy will simply not resonate within the body and will do no harm. The correct remedy however, can be life changing!

7. You prescribe homeopathy for your family but feel out of your depth or illness has moved to a more chronic state.

Most homeopaths agree home prescribing is effective for common aches and pains, and family illness. This means less use of toxic drugs in the home. But when should you see a professional? When the body’s state moves beyond that acute, or simple everyday symptom phase. Perhaps symptoms become more ‘chronic’ or permanent, or perhaps symptoms worsen. At this stage its important to book an appointment with a qualified homeopath.

         Are you curious to know if homeopathy could help you?


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