Long-term or acute stress, whether emotional, mental or physical, tax the adrenals and gut amongst other systems, often leading to ongoing inflammation which in turn causes more stress on you, your adrenals and gut.

It is recommended to see your Homeopath or natural health care professional to help address the root causes of stress and treat any illness that may have resulted, however there are simple things you can do to help reduce inflammation and break the recurring stress-inflammation-adrenal depletion cycle:

  1. Have a cup of warm water with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice and teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, three times a day (am/midday/pm).
  2. Learn to use Box Breathing (see link).  Set a timer on your watch or phone and do this once every hour throughout the day, upon waking and again on going to bed at night.  Also use this when you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, receive bad news or deal with challenges like sick kids or crazy days.
  3. Check your diet to include lots of leafy or curly greens, fats (fish, nuts, seeds, oils), and fluids (not town water) to help flush out inflammation and toxins.  Notwithstanding intollerances or allergies (which your Homeopath can help you resolve), everyone in family can eat this way and all will benefit. 
  4. Find 30mins every day to do one of these yoga sessions – just move to the extent you can but commit to daily practice for cumulative effect.
  5. Make a plan for daily minimum 30min walk – our lymphatics are pumped by the tailbone, therefore only move effectively when we walk or swim or use similar larger, sustained motions – this will help drain the toxins and release stress.  Walk without a sunhat (only use one when sunburn is a risk), no sun cream (ever! or at least a non-toxic one from the health food store) and no sun glasses.  Wear the summeriest clothes possible given the weather so your eyes, head and skin are exposed to daylight during the walk.  This can be incorporated with taking kids to park/appointments, doing shopping, etc, if that makes it easier.  Even just parking further away and walking part-way will help and all adds up.
  6. Buy a few kilos of Epsom Salts from the health store or New Directions (cheaper in bulk – click on link to see), and add a good amount to a warm-hot bath – soak for 20mins every night after kids go to bed.  They can join you if that’s easier, but having it as quiet time would be ideal – to quietly soak and just rest and repair.

Start with a few small things and just keep going – we all have the inate ability to repair from within and grow beyond current stresses – you’ve got this 😀

If you’d like to talk in more detail about what you’re experiencing, book a consultation and let’s work through it together.