Why not get up to Brisbane on Saturday April 9th and meet other like-minded people focused on natural health? A free “Homeopathy Awareness Week” event will be held in Underwood Park, Priestdale from 10am -4pm.

Share in the sense of community and gain more knowledge of the amazing system of medicine that is homeopathy.

While Return to Health are not organisers or sponsors of this event (The event is sponsored by the The Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths Inc.) we do support this noble cause of helping to bring together people who are fans of homeopathy or would like to learn more about it.

Organisers say at this event, you can learn about the power of homeopathy, and what it can do for your family. Attend free seminars, as well as speak to qualified homeopaths on the day. The event precedes World Homeopathy Awareness Week, which runs from April 10-16.

If you’re curious about homeopathy, this is probably a worthwhile way to learn about homeopathy and its prevalence around the world today.

It is often thought of as a new age medicine, but Hippocratic writings show that Homeopathy’s effects were known at least 2,000 years ago.

It was developed into a usable system of medicine by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the 1800s. Hahnemann was a German Scientist and Physician. “Homoios” in Greek means similar, “pathos” means suffering. This law of similars, forms the basis of the principles of homeopathy.

This Homeopathy Awareness Week event is a celebration of the birthday of homeopathy’s founder, Dr Hahnemann, and a great opportunity to learn some history about homeopathy as well.

Here’s a few interesting facts on the History of Homeopathy we put together, from the extensive research Barbara Armstrong has collated on Australian Homeopathic beginnings at History of Homeopathy in Australia:


1. Did you know that the first homeopath arrived in Australian shores in 1840?

2. Some missionaries in early life in the colonies deliberately learned some homeopathy so that they could help with the physical as well as the spiritual needs of their people.

3. Supporters and users of homœopathy included many of Australia’s notable people – Archbishops, Members of Parliament, Premiers, rich pastoralists and businessmen, and their wives.

4. Did you know that Australia had dedicated homeopathic hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne and two in Tasmania? Did you know that the Adelaide Children’s Hospital was founded by homeopaths and that three of the six medical practitioners were homeopaths?

5. These hospitals operated successfully for over 60 years until the late 1920s when they began to experience increasing difficulties in continuing to operate. Contributing factors for their demise included the advent of anti-biotics, increasing opposition from the orthodox medical establishment and the difficulty of obtaining qualified homeopathic staff.

There is so much more to learn about homeopathic history, both in Australia and overseas. But there is also so much we can share by getting together and helping to feel connected as a community around natural health.

See you there!

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