Reiki Treatments

With our Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Return to Health provides amazing Reiki treatments from our Tallebudgera Valley holistic health treatment clinic. Reiki is a powerful  healing modality that can be used to rebalance our Chi and encourages the body to self-heal. Our advanced Reiki Practitioner offers in-person or remote Reiki healing, so whether you would like to visit our beautiful clinic from the Northern Rivers, Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast or if you are further afield; either in Australia or internationally, we can provide you with a wonderful healing transformation.

Reiki session details


Our Reiki treatments are provided four days per week from Tuesday through to Friday by appointment.

Duration and Price

Choose from 30 minutes ($80) or 1 hour sessions ($120). Greater benefit is received by clients for the full 1-hour session.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle therapeutic technique. It is based on the principle of the practitioner channelling life-force energy into the recipient by means of touch. This is done in order to activate an individual’s natural healing processes. Traditional Reiki also includes distance transference of the energy.


What can I expect in a Reiki session?

In a Reiki session, you will be asked to lie on a comfortable massage table fully clothed and allow yourself to receive energy from the Practitioner’s hands. Light touch and hovering above the body can also used and everybody will feel the energy differently. You will receive the right energy that is appropriate for you at the time of your Reiki session.

Reiki is all about respecting the individual and their journey. It assumes or presupposes nothing. Permission, dignity, and integrity are paramount, in an environment conducive to healing and peace. Individuals are clothed and we explain the process in detail before the treatment. While a Reiki experience is certainly subjective, it is always calming, beneficial, and valued. Reiki doesn’t interfere with medicines, supplements or other therapies.

How can Reiki treatments help?



Reiki is harmonious and complementary. Reiki can do no harm, but the experiences of its benefits will be personal to the individual.

Here are the benefits noted by some individuals:

  • relieving headaches and migraines after decades of pain
  • physical ailments and injuries healing faster
  • faster than expected recovery time after surgery
  • increasing ease of nutrient assimilation
  • experiencing a renewed physical energy and enthusiasm
  • opening or re-opening of gateways to the healing, and understanding of symptoms
  • improvement of immune response and resistance to disease
  • a more beautiful transition into the afterlife

It is also known to help lift:

  • feelings of depression
  • soothing grief and loss with soulful awareness
  • lightening inertia
  • revisiting resolve
  • softening anxiety and dread into a new confidence
  • cooling, comprehending and composing anger, rage, and grievance
  • strengthening faith in Divine Love
  • restoring belief in one’s life purpose
  • heightening intuition
  • augmenting transformational insight and enhancing  the ability to access exalted perceptions

The purpose of Reiki

The main intention of a Reiki session is to help promote inner peace, healing, and gratitude.

Where did Reiki originate?

Reiki energy has existed since creation and is present throughout the cosmos. The Reiki modality itself originated in Japan, from Christian Monk Mikao Usui. His desire was to help and heal like Christ. Mikao Usui recognized that while he was the discoverer of Reiki, he was not the creator of it. Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key and literally means ‘universal life-force energy.’


Our Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Our advanced Reiki practitioner is Jodie M. Russell-Smith, N.D. Jodie is an accomplished Reiki healer who has completed Advanced levels of traditional Reiki. She is passionate about holistic health and has both a broad and deep knowledge of natural medicine and holistic healing in theory and practice. Jodie is a qualified Naturopath, has training in Herbal Medicine, Breath Work, Counselling and more. She is also currently studying towards a Diploma in Practical Modern Homeopathy. She is a wonderful healer and channel for this amazing therapeutic technique. Find out more about Jodie.

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Reiki bookings are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment only. Book a Reiki treatment with Jodie.