Toddler Care Kit Homeopathic Remedies


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Toddler Care Kit Homeopathic Remedies – Product Overview

An essential kit for phase 2! Your lovely little baby is now an inquisitive, active, non-stop action machine. Your toddler is learning to communicate, to explore the world around them through their own physical behaviour, as well as to regulate emotions. These busy bees are finding out they have an opinion, and boy are they learning to express it. Parenting a toddler is not easy…lucky they’re so cute! Our Toddler Care Kit contains many of the common remedies we may need for this new phase. This 4-vial homeopathic kit is part of our Medicinal Range made to support everyday health and wellbeing. It contains approximately 100 pilules per vial in the following preparations:

Sleep Support

Gently help your little person to relax and unwind and fall into a natural and peaceful sleep.

Temper Tantrums

Support your toddler when they’ve had enough and they are literally throwing their toys out of their cot!

Separation Anxiety

This remedy helps to calm their nervous system, and to support them with overwhelming emotions associated with separation anxiety.

Colds and Teething

Support your little cherub with all the symptoms associated with their fangs arriving. This might feel like it’s never ending. Our natural pain relief for teething babies is also helpful for colds with nasal congestion. It can also be used alongside pharmaceutical pain and fever medication if necessary.

Dosage recommendations

Toddlers –give 1 to 3 tablets as required. Match dosage to intensity of symptoms.

Need some tailored support?

The toddler age can be a challenging time. If issues are becoming ongoing, or very difficult to manage, you may like to seek out a deeper, more specialised prescription tailored to you and your child’s unique needs. This includes individual homeopathic consultation and holistic support. This option may produce more lasting results. We can offer this service both in-person at our Gold Coast clinic, or via Skype.


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