Summer Support Kit Homeopathic Remedies


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Summer Support Kit Homeopathic Remedies – Product Overview

Summer is here!! Fun in the sun, lazy days at the beach or by the pool, barbeques and friends. Our Summer Support Kit of homeopathic remedies contains everything you need to make the most of summer in the most holistic way possible. This product is a 4-vial homeopathic kit is part of our Medicinal Range made to support everyday health and wellbeing. containing approximately 100 pilules per vial in the following preparations:

Pool Water Defence

Use our Pool Water Defence remedy to remove chlorine and other chemicals from the body. This is a natural way to promote healthy skin after pool water exposure.

Swimmer’s Ear

Prone to water in the ear canal after swimming? To prevent infections and ease earache from swimming, have our Swimmer’s Ear remedy on hand.

Bites and Stings

On hazy summer nights the beasties come out! This homeopathic Bites and Stings remedy encourages the body’s natural defences to prevent skin swelling and irritation from insects and other creepy crawlies. Also use following those dreaded mosquito or midge bites to help relieve symptoms.

Sun Defence

Build up your natural defence to the sun with our Sun Defence homeopathic preparation.

Dosage recommendations

Administer 1 to 3 tablets as required before and after exposure. Match dosage to intensity of symptoms.


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