Study Support Therapeutic Candle


Our handmade soy Study Support Therapeutic Candle contains high grade essential oils and homeopathy to promote focus and clarity for brain intensive tasks.

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Study Support Therapeutic Candle – Product Overview

Are you drowning in books? Need a little extra support to focus and beat the overwhelm? Our Study Support Therapeutic Candle promotes feelings of concentration, clarity and a sense of calm. It is a wonderful candle to have right beside you while you’re studying or for assignment work. It is also a great support for anyone whose work requires “brain stamina.” This 100% natural handcrafted soy wax candle is from our ElNat-ural Lifestyle Range.

When making our products, we consider not only the physical aspects, but also the mental and emotional levels which may require support. We combine all things natural to offer you a beautiful, effective product. The Study Support Therapeutic Candle is infused with high-grade essential oils and homeopathy. These additions not only help the candle to smell amazing but help to promote sensory absorption. The therapeutic properties promote a clear mind and help you to focus on the task at hand.

Our message of intention:

You’re burning the midnight oil. Exams and projects are looming larger than Mt Kilimanjaro!
You’re starting to feel that you’re in over your head!
Breathe… You need clear thoughts, concentration, focus….
Light your candle and place it anywhere near you… It’s time to absorb new information, memorise it and recall it when needed. Your brain is a super computer!!
Remember that you are amazing and that your angels are right there beside you.


  • Candles are handmade from soy wax
  • Double wick provides 25 hours of holistic therapeutic support
  • Infused with highest quality essential oils and therapeutic components chosen for their healing properties
  • All-natural ingredients


  • For safety reasons, burn up to 4 hours at each single use.
  • Always let the candle burn long enough for the top to melt entirely. This ensures that the candles melts and sets evenly and doesn’t burn a ‘hole’ in the centre.
  • Trim the curly wick before lighting again to ensure an even smoke-free flame.




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