Sleep Support Homeopathic Remedy


Single vial homeopathic remedy containing 240 pillules.


Sleep Support Homeopathic Sleep Remedy  – Product Overview

Are you looking for natural ways to sleep better at night? Consider homeopathy for sleep support. Our Sleep Support Homeopathic Sleep Remedies can help you unwind, relax and calm your sympathetic nervous system. Activate your parasympathetic nervous system which aids natural, restful sleep, relaxed breathing and a calm mind….. Zzzzzzzzzz

Our Sleep Support Homeopathic Sleep Remedies are a natural sleep aid prepared on modern homeopathic prescription. If you have sleep troubles, you may find taking homeopathy for sleep can help.

This ready-made homeopathic preparation from our Medicinal Range gives a gentle reminder to your system to wind down and move into a calm and restful state. The healing required for a restful sleep is encouraged from the inside out.
The remedies contained in our Sleep Support product are carefully selected based on their ability to treat common symptoms related to problems in modern life. This can include excessive technology, stress, anxiousness and being overworked. Taking the time to consider these aspects of your daily life, and how they may be impacting your sleep can also be helpful for long term wellness. As well, we have included some remedies which are timelessly used in homeopathy for sleep support.


  • 100% natural sleep support
  • Safe to use for people of all ages and stages and alongside other medications.
  • Promotes relaxation before sleep
  • Encourages a longer, deeper sleep
  • Homeopathic sleep remedies are an alternative to prescription sleep medication without the risk of dependence and other side effects.
  • This product is a single vial homeopathic remedy containing 240 pilules.
  • Ingredients (all in homeopathic potency):   Coffea Cruda, Nux Vomica, Passiflora.

Dosage Recommendations

Adults & Children – take 1 to 3 tablets 30 minutes before bedtime. Match dosage to intensity of symptoms.

Homeopathic Sleep Remedies for Chronic Conditions

In addition to our prepared Sleep Support product, we also offer a deeper, more specialised prescription tailored to your unique needs which involves homeopathic consultation and holistic support. This option may produce more lasting results if you have a sleep problem which is pervading, persistent or severely impacting your waking life. We can offer this service both in-person at our Gold Coast clinic, or via Skype.


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