Natural Sports Pack

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Pamper yourself or the naturally minded sports person in your life with our Natural Sports Pack. This is a bumper hamper containing a range of beautiful natural products which are beneficial for sports training and recovery. This hamper contains 7 of Return to Health’s best holistic products for athletes of all kinds – from professional sportspeople, to those feeling the aches of pains of being newly back into exercise. Support your training process, so that you need to resort less and less to medications to support you and can concentrate on enjoying your sport!

The Natural Sports Pack contains:

Bliss Therapeutic Bath Salts

A 500g pouch of soothing 100% natural therapeutic recovery bath salts. Made on Himalayan salt and blended with therapeutic grade essential oils to soothe and relax the muscles. Enriched with homeopathic Ruta Graveolens and Arnica to ease aches and strains as well as Natrum Phos and Calcium Carbonate to help promote recovery.

Elixir Therapeutic Candle

A 100% natural soy wax candle handcrafted for you to enjoy the Elixir of life. A wonderful way to get centred and grounded following sports training. Infused with therapeutic grade essential oils to promote harmony and positivity. Also infused with homeopathic remedies to enhance the therapeutic experience. Double wick to provide up to 25 hours of holistic support.

Wound Wash

A 100ml spray bottle containing 100% natural antiseptic spray made on homemade calendula tincture. Calendula has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat and prevent fungal infections and heat rash.

Injury Balm

100% natural injury balm made with calendula oil and beeswax and enriched with homeopathic ingredients. Promotes healing of aches and strains. Eases injury and sore muscles and also helps support aching joints.

Immune Boost

240 pilules of homeopathic support to stimulate a strong immune function. Great for training when your immune system needs additional support, and you can’t afford to be ill.

Stress & Tension

240 pilules of homeopathic support for stress, tension and anxiety. Keeps the nerves supported and the energy high on race day and helps support you with the mental and emotional stress caused by rigorous training.

Sports Support Homeopathic Kit

This homeopathic kit contains the following remedies in 100 remedies in four vials :

Endurance and Recovery – to support organ and muscle function for endurance and recovery post-training and post-race.

Injury and Recovery – to support you during training, race day or afterwards. To support general muscular or joint injuries and support the body’s natural ability to heal and recover.

Aches, Sprains, Bruises and Cuts – to support the body’s natural ability to heal from aches, sprains, bruises and cuts

Bone and Ligament Injuries – to support the body’s natural ability to recover from bone and ligament injuries.


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