Mummy Support Homeopathic Remedy


Single vial homeopathic remedy containing 240 pillules.


Mummy Support Homeopathic Remedy – Product Overview

Mums are mystical, marvellous, fantastical beings… but sometimes even amazing creatures need a little support! Mummy Support is a homeopathic preparation from our Medicinal Range, tailored especially to modern mums and their needs. The important job of motherhood is taxing physically, mentally and emotionally. Take this remedy if you’re feeling overwhelmed, overtired and frazzled. You are supported, you are amazing, you are light and love. The remedies contained in our Mummy Support product are carefully selected based on their ability to offer a reminder to your system to relax and de-stress as much as possible.


  • 100% natural product to support busy mums
  • Safe to use in pregnancy and alongside other medications.
  • Promotes relaxation and vitality from within
  • This product is a single vial homeopathic remedy containing 240 pilules.
  • Ingredients (all in homeopathic potency):   Sepia, Nux Vomica, Ignatia, Alfalfa.

Dosage Recommendations

Adults & Children – take 1 to 3 tablets 30 minutes before bedtime. Match dosage to intensity of symptoms.

How else can Return to Health support me?

A beautiful complement to our Mummy Support Homeopathic Remedy, is our Mummy Support Therapeutic Candle. Our handmade candles are made on soy wax and are infused with the delicious aroma of therapeutic high grade essential oils, and supportive homeopathic remedies. A lovely way to round out the pampering for a special mum as a gift, or to well and truly treat yourself.

In addition to our prepared Mummy support product, we also offer a deeper, more specialised remedies, which are provided via homeopathic consultation and holistic support. This option may produce more lasting results if you have deeper feelings of overwhelm, a difficult relationship with your child, or are just generally struggling with parenthood. We can offer this service both in-person at our Gold Coast clinic, or via Skype.



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