Mummy Support Therapeutic Candle


Enjoy relaxation and support for busy mums with our 100% natural handcrafted soy wax candle infused with wonderful essential oils and homeopathic remedies.

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Mummy Support Therapeutic Candle – Product Overview

Mothers are always giving and sometimes we leave little for ourselves. This therapeutic Mummy Support candle acknowledges that you are the constant light in the lives of your loved ones, especially your children. Let this flame burn in your honour, enriched with therapeutic properties for physical, mental and emotional support of motherhood. Mums deserve pampering, and time for yourself is always time well spent.

This 100% natural handcrafted soy wax candle is from our ElNat-ural Lifestyle Range. It is infused with wonderful essential oils and homeopathic remedies, which not only smell amazing but can be absorbed through the senses to promote relaxation and healing from within. Why not pour yourself a relaxing bubble bath, light your candle and take some time to acknowledge yourself and the amazing work you do raising your little people.

Our message of support just for you mum:

Mums are mystical, marvellous, fantastical beings…
Gracefully juggling a thousand things, making sure everyone is where they need to be and have what they need when they get there…
Sometimes even amazing creatures need a little support! Light your candle as soon as you start feeling “overworked and underpaid”! Place it anywhere near you…
There is enough time to do everything…. Exhale… Breathe deeply… Unwind and drop your shoulders.


  • Candles are handmade from soy wax
  • Double wick provides 25 hours of holistic therapeutic support
  • Infused with highest quality essential oils and therapeutic components chosen for their healing properties
  • All natural ingredients


  • For safety reasons, burn up to 4 hours at each single use.
  • Always let the candle burn long enough for the top to melt entirely. This ensures that the candles melts and sets evenly and doesn’t burn a ‘hole’ in the centre.
  • Trim the curly wick before lighting again to ensure an even smoke-free flame.

Gifts for mum

Our Mummy Support candle is a beautiful idea for a mothers’ day or birthday gift for mum. They also make a special and unique gift for a naturally minded expectant mum at her baby shower. The newborn stage is a hugely emotional and taxing time. Our Mummy Support Therapeutic Candle is a lovely gesture to help a new mum feel understood and to help her reconnect with her inner stillness and tranquillity, even for that small moment. Team this product with our Bliss Therapeutic Bath Salts, as well as our homeopathic remedies for Mummy Support, Toddler Care and Baby Care.

Need more help?

In addition to our wellbeing candles, we can also offer you personalised holistic consults tailored to your unique needs and the deeply personal emotions associated with life, including motherhood.




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