Moon Madness Therapeutic Candle


Our handmade soy Moon Madness Therapeutic Candle is infused with wonderful essential oils and homeopathic remedies for stress, anxiety and mood swings.

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Moon Madness Therapeutic Candle – Product Overview

Our Moon Madness Therapeutic Candle is the perfect antidote to stress, anxiety and monthly mood swings!
This 100% natural handmade soy wax candle is part of our ElNat-ural lifestyle range. We take care to consider the physical, mental and emotional aspects requiring support, and we love combining all things natural to offer you a beautiful, effective product. You candle is infused with wonderful essential oils and homeopathic remedies, which not only smell amazing but can be absorbed through the senses. We also infuse it with therapeutic properties which offer a sense of joy, calm and relaxation.

Here’s our moon madness message for you:

It’s that time of the month when the donkey is well and truly teetering on the edge…!

Your fuse is a tad short, you’re a touch “tired and emotional” and “rational” has up and left for the foreseeable future!!!

Well, light your candle and howl at the moon sister!

Embrace the “madness” and celebrate every inch of your divine female energy!


  • Candles are handmade from soy wax
  • Double wick provides 25 hours of holistic therapeutic support
  • Infused with highest quality essential oils and therapeutic components chosen for their healing properties
  • All-natural ingredients


  • For safety reasons, burn up to 4 hours at each single use.
  • Always let the candle burn long enough for the top to melt entirely. This ensures that the candles melts and sets evenly and doesn’t burn a ‘hole’ in the centre.
  • Trim the curly wick before lighting again to ensure an even smoke-free flame.

Want more personalised help?

In addition to our wellbeing candles, we can also offer you personalised holistic consults tailored to your unique needs, which can include emotional support, physical ailments and more. We treat holistically, and take care to support all aspects of being – body, mind and soul. See our services and treatments page for more information.



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