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Injury Balm – Overview

Our 100% natural Injury Balm is designed to help heal a myriad of injuries from aches and strains to scrapes and minor cuts. Made with Calendula Oil and Beeswax, we also enrich it with homeopathic Arnica, Ruta-Grav, Rhus-Tox & Eupatorium Perfolatum. This may help ease sports injuries, muscle soreness & aching joints.

Our balm is part of our Medicinal Range and all handcrafted in small batches, so you can enjoy something special. We also take care to consider the physical, mental and emotional aspects requiring support and combine all things natural to offer you a beautiful, effective product.

We grow our Calendula on site, in a spray-free garden. It is made into oil using an organic vegetable oil before combining with raw beeswax and homeopathics to make our beautiful balm.


  • 100% natural injury remedy
  • Safe for all ages
  • Helps disinfect minor scrapes and cuts
  • Promotes topical healing
  • An alternative to chemical-laden injury creams
  • Allergy note: Contains calendula oil & beeswax
  • Beautifully presented in a 30ml glass jar


Great for mechanical injuries including falls, bumps, sprains, strains and knocks.

Dosage Recommendations

Massage gently into affected area – a little goes a long way!

Further support

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1 review for Injury Balm

  1. El Harper

    “Thank you so much for your beautiful products. They arrived today so very speedy delivery! Your Injury Balm is very good. I had a fall on Friday and hurt my knee (and hip and ankle). Luckily my daughter had sent me home with your Injury Balm and it worked very, very well. I am impressed with the quality of your products. One very grateful and satisfied customer.” ES, QLD

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