Endurance and Recovery Support Homeopathic Remedy


(Single vial homeopathic remedy containing 240 pillules)


Endurance and Recover Support Homeopathic Remedy for Sport and Training – Product Overview

Training for a specific event or just increasing your general fitness level? Our Endurance and Recover Support, part of our Medicinal Range, is the ideal remedy for athletes and the physically active. It encourages stamina during sport and periods of heightened physical activity and supports faster recovery. It does this in a completely natural, non-addictive and non-toxic way. It is just your own body performing at its peak!

This remedy is a wonderful preparation for athletes. Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathy doesn’t supress symptoms. As an athlete, you can acknowledge and address the way your body is “speaking” to you during your training or after a game or race and give it additional natural support to recover.


  • 100% natural support
  • Safe to use for people of all ages and stages and alongside other medications.
  • Promotes natural endurance
  • Encourages a quicker recovery time
  • Drug-free way to boost your body’s performance with no risk of dependence and no side effects
  • This product is a single vial homeopathic remedy containing 240 pilules
  • Ingredients (all in homeopathic potency):   China Off; Phos-Ac; Ruta Grav; Arnica, Cean; Nat-Phos.


Dosage recommendations

Take 1- 3 doses before activity/training/racing; add a further 1 – 3 doses to water or hydration mix to sip on during activity; support recovery by taking 1 – 3 doses per hour for up to 6 hours post-race/activity, then 1 – 3 doses per day until all exertion symptoms abate.  Match dosage to exertion intensity.

Natural sports support

Use in conjunction with our range of wonderful and 100% natural products for Sports Support.


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