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Bliss Therapeutic Bath Salts – Product Overview

Discover your bliss with our wonderfully decadent and therapeutic bath blend. Enjoy the pink Himalayan bath salt benefits of relaxation and recovery for muscle pain, strain and life stress. Bliss is made with 100% natural pink salts, with additional therapeutic ingredients. Create your own recovery space at home – simply dissolve the beautiful pink crystals in your bath, hop in and soak up the benefits.

We use Himalayan Pink Salt to help deep cleanse your skin, draw out toxins and cleanse your energy. We infuse our salts with a blend of high quality essential oils chosen for their ability to relax and soothe your tired body and mind. Lastly, we enrich the therapeutic benefits by adding homeopathic remedies to ease aches and strains and promote recovery. This means our bath salts are perfect after intense training sessions, races or even a tough day at the office.

Bliss therapeutic bath salts are handcrafted in small batches, so you can enjoy something special. Care is taken to consider the physical, mental and emotional aspects requiring support, and we love combining all things natural to offer you a beautiful, effective product as part of our Lifestyle Range.


  • Beautifully presented in a 500g pouch of holistic therapeutic support
  • Approximately 10 luxurious baths in every 500g pouch
  • Made on coarse ground Himalayan Salt, coarse grind.
  • Infused with high quality essential oils and homeopathic remedies Rua Graveolons, Arnica, Natrum Phos and Calcium Carbonate.
  • All natural ingredients


  • Add a small sprinkle (approximately 1 teaspoon) in your bath, to a maximum of 4 baths per week. Too much salt will have a drying effect on the skin.
  • Enjoy our beautiful salts in your bath, as a hand soak, foot soak or to aid in extraction. Warm to hot water is wonderful for relaxation purposes. If soothing a fever, a tepid to warm bath only.

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