Bites and Stings Balm


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Bites and Stings Balm – 100% Natural Remedies for Insect Bites – Product Overview

Are you looking for natural remedies for insect bites? Our 100% natural Bites and Stings Balm is part of our Medicinal Range. Take the ouch and the itch out of bites, stings and mild topical allergies. Our handcrafted balm contains a special blend of ingredients for natural bite relief from mosquito bites, midge bites, flea and ant bites and bee and wasp stings. You can even use it after a painful bluebottle sting to help cool and calm the area. This means it is your best friend when camping, surf swimming or bushwalking. Especially handy in Australia where creepy crawlies are part of daily life!

You can also use our beautiful Bite and Sting Balm to support a temporary or mild topical allergy, particularly from topical irritants such as plants or fabrics as well as mild skin allergies such as hives. It can really help to cool and calm your skin.

Our balms are all handcrafted in small batches in Tallebudgera Valley on the Gold Coast. We have carefully chosen our ingredients in the balm based on physical, mental and emotional aspects requiring support. We make our balm with Calendula Oil and Beeswax, and enrich it with homeopathic Ledum, Hypericum, Apis, Histaminum and Pulsatilla. These ingredients are designed to assist with disinfecting the wound and to promote healing.

We grow Calendula on site, in a spray-free garden. It is made into oil using an organic vegetable oil before combining with raw beeswax and homeopathics to make our beautiful balm.

The Bite and Sting Balm is completely safe to use on people of all ages, and if you have children it’s a great balm to have on hand whenever nature strikes while you’re out and about.


  • 100% natural remedies for insect bites
  • Safe for all ages
  • Helps disinfect bite or sting wound
  • Promotes topical healing
  • Natural bite relief a great alternative to traditional topical agents containing chemicals
  • Allergen advice: Contains calendula oil & beeswax
  • Beautifully presented in a 30ml glass jar

Dosage Recommendations

Use sparingly on affected area – a little goes a long way!

Got chronic skin issues?

If you have an ongoing skin condition, we also offer a deeper, more specialised prescription tailored to your unique needs which involves homeopathic consultation and holistic support. We can offer this service both in-person at our Gold Coast clinic, or via Skype.


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