Baby Care Kit Homeopathic Remedies


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Baby Care Kit Homeopathic Remedies – Overview

Our baby care kit is a natural way to support your baby’s everyday wellbeing. The four-vial homeopathic kit is part of our Medicinal Range made to support everyday health and wellbeing. This kit is prepared especially for new parents who would like a holistic alternative to baby care. It has some of the things it’s great to have on hand when your little bub needs help. Our remedies are safe to give baby at any age or stage and can also be given alongside other medications. This kit also makes a great gift for new or expectant mums.

This product is a 4-vial homeopathic kit containing approximately 100 pilules per vial in the following preparations:

Sleep Support

Gently help baby unwind and sleep naturally, peacefully and restfully with Sleep Support. Our natural sleep remedies for babies are made on homeopathic preparations which are designed to promote great sleep. Mum and dad can also take them to encourage the restful sleep needed for parenting a baby!

Colic and Reflux

Little tummies can cause a big problem for our bubs. Many parents want to ease pain and discomfort using natural remedies for colic in babies. They also want to try a natural alternative to reflux medication as a first port of call. Our Colic and Reflux preparation is intended to ease that discomfort and help bub to settle. It can also be used alongside existing reflux medicines if required with no contraindications.

Pain and Fever

Use our Pain and Fever support to help manage everyday pain and fever. You can use this remedy to manage the onset of a fever or to ease pain and temperature during an existing fever. It can also be used alongside pharmaceutical pain and fever medication if necessary.

Nappy and Heat Rash

Use the Nappy and Heat Rash preparation to support healing of the skin and to take the sting out of the rash. Our natural remedies for nappy rash can help bub to settle by taking the sting out of a rash.

Dosage recommendations

Babies –give 1 to 3 tablets as required. Match dosage to intensity of symptoms.

Need some tailored support?

In addition to our prepared baby kit we also offer a deeper, more specialised prescription tailored to you and your baby’s unique needs which involves homeopathic consultation and holistic support. This option may produce more lasting results. We can offer this service both in-person at our Gold Coast clinic, or via Skype.


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